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Q: I am curious as to why some of your jewelry is so expensive. What kind of materials are your products made out of?

A: All of my products are hand made. They take a lot of time to create and skill to complete them. The $200+ items often require anywhere from 1 week to 1 month to complete. For example, the Rain Drop Bracelet has approximately 600-700 individually added drops, and takes a week to make. Another example is the E Aho Laula, which has approximately 7,000 sterling silver rings that are 5/32 inches, and takes about a month to complete. All items are custom made and I normally make each one as it is ordered.

All of my items have material information on the individual product pages, and the Product Care page describes most of the materials used as well. Also, I give my products a Lifetime Warranty. I take great pride in my work and want you to enjoy your purchase for a long time.


Q: What if something is wrong with my order? The bracelet doesn't fit, the earwires don't fit my ears properly, etc?

A: Please Contact Me as your first action if there is every anything wrong with your order or if you are dissatisfied. I want to work with you to correct any problems so that you are happy with your purchase.


Have a question that I haven't answered here? Feel free to ask through email or the Contact Me page! I will add the most common questions to this list. Thank you!


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