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Product Care

Congratulations on your new piece of fine chainmaille art!

If you are reading this, you've probably purchased one of my hand crafted items (or are at least thinking about it).

To ensure that you get the most value from your jewelry, I've included a few tips about how to properly care for the various types of metal used for the craft. This will ensure that your unique piece of jewelry lasts forever.

Product Care: All of my items are hand crafted. I take pride in my pieces, and I hope you will too. There are a few things you should know to extend the life of the items and to keep you happy.

First, a word of general caution: most of these items are hand closed and loose threads can slip through some of the gaps and snag. Keep shaggy garments away from these items as they may get caught up in them. If a thread does get snagged, be patient and slowly turn the ring until the thread slips out of the opening. This will prevent further damage, if any. Please use caution when handling anything that may grab or catch your items; these pieces are strong, and in many cases they may survive the battle better than you.

For the most part, you won't need to do anything to these wonderful items. On the off chance that a ring opens slightly, you can use a pair of pliers or your fingers to close them. Be careful not to damage the part (I am not responsible if you damage it). If you need further assistance, please contact me.

All products can be cleaned using soap and water. Many of my items are ok to wear in all weather and even all day. The copper parts might turn your skin a little green if they are in direct contact.

Most of my raw materials will be listed below. This may not include charms, or accessories added to the chainmaille. Descriptions of the colors are based on raw material and may not be the same if certain finishes are applied to the metal.

Color: Brown. Copper is a very basic metal; it is soft and scratches easily. This metal can oxidize over time and will lose its shine. Over time, copper can turn green from salt which creates a oxide layer that actually protects the copper from rapid degradation. Copper can be cleaned or polished with silver polish.

Color: yellow.  Brass is firmer and resists scratching more than copper; over time this turns a blacker yellow and can be cleaned or polished with silver polish.

Stainless Steel
Color: Light gray. Contains nickel. Stainless steel is a harder metal. This metal is heavily resistant to scratching and will hold its shape better than most other metals. This metal will not oxidize but can get "dirty" from normal wear. Simple washing of this material is OK and will not cause it to rust.

Color: Dark grey. Hypoallergenic. This metal is typically aircraft grade, has uncompromised strength and does not tarnish, rust or discolor. Titanium may be anodized to produce different colors. The colors may fade from skin oils, but the jewelry can be cleaned to renew the color.

Anodized Niobium
Color: varies. Hypoallergenic. This metal is also very hard and does not tarnish, rust or discolor. The colors tend to be brighter longer than anodized titanium, but still may fade from skin oils and can be cleaned to renew the color.

Color: Light grey. This metal is also relatively soft and scratches easily, but it will not oxidize, tarnish, or rust.

Anodized Aluminum
Color: varies. The anodized coating will wear over time and may fade or scratch during normal wear.

Rubber (EPDM)
Color: varies. This type of rubber is latex-free.  It is UV-resistant but may fade over time in full sunlight.

Sterling Silver
All of our sterling silver is 925; silver oxidizes over time, depending on exposure to certain elements and even household chemicals. This will turn the metal grey or black over time. This metal can be cleaned using a silver polish or sonic cleaner.

Disclaimer: All of my items are hand crafted and the materials used will vary. Generally though, the metals used are aluminum, stainless steel or silver. When ordering jewelry, let me know if you have any metal sensitivities, allergies, or concerns so I can make sure to create your design with that in mind.

I do my best to prevent from using or getting any items that may contain lead or may have any toxic or harmful chemicals. This is not a guarantee, though, and I am not responsible for allergies related to metal or chemical sensitivities. I do make sure to wash most of my items in a cleaning solution to remove any residue from manufacturing or processing. If you have any concerns relating to this, please feel free to Contact Me and ask me more.


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