My name is Greg Sandzimier. I've always had an admiration for the metal-rich, medieval looking armor and jewelry. Having this interest and a drive to be creative and hands on in my life, I decided to take a stab at making my own pieces using the same techniques crafters used hundreds of years ago to make chainmaille armor. My pieces are much more refined, though. I use smaller metal rings to craft the fine jewelry and accessories that you can find on the site. I'm always learning new styles and weaves, so feel free to come back if you're interested in seeing new additions! If you have any questions, concerns or just want to show your appreciation for chainmaille art, you are welcome to contact me any time at via the Contact Us page or by emailing Greg@InfinitusDesigns.com.


About Chainmaille

Chainmaille has been around since 300 B.C.E, where simple rings were intertwined to create pieces worn for protection rather than beauty. Even though heavy, metal armor may no longer be popular; the same metal weave is still used in today’s more delicate chainmaille jewelry.


The process is as labor intensive as it ever was, with each tiny, individual ring painstakingly woven into another to eventually create a complicated masterpiece. A more complicated bracelet, such as the E Aho Laula, may take as long as 40 hours to complete. Not only that, but a single mistake on the artist's part such as miscalculating the size of the ring needed, can often result in bracelets that are impossible to wear. Chainmaille work doesn't just take patience, but careful planning as well.


There are few crafts left that a machine can't reproduce, and it's surreal knowing that the process of weaving metals into wearable pieces hasn't changed much in hundreds of years. Working on these pieces is keeping an ancient art alive. I also embrace technology; I sometimes use a machined product and then craft it in to something wearable and unique. While not as labor intensive, the product quality still meets my standards, and I am proud of each and every piece crafted. For those of you that appreciate my works or are interested are welcome to contact me any time via the Contact Us page or by emailing Greg@InfinitusDesigns.com.