Every thousand years or so, a dragon sheds his tail, and anyone lucky enough to find a fresh tail would be granted its strength. Many knights and townsfolk hoped to find a tail, but they were in fact very hard to come by. Because of this, the townsfolk started telling stories and fables of elders who had found one, thus starting fairy tales as we know them today.

Although no one finds dragon's tails anymore, with this necklace, you can own a Dragon's Tail of your very own. The scales on this piece move fluidly and quickly, just like the tail of a dragon, able to whip an opponent with ease. This necklace can be a symbol of strength, or just a beautiful piece for any occasion.

As part of the dragon series, this necklace can be paired with the Dragon's Tears for a complete look

This pendant is approximately 2.5" in length and comes on an 18" chain with a 2" extension, to allow for adjustment up to 20". Custom chain length upon request.

Materials: Plated brass

All of my items are handcrafted. Please take pleasure in my products as I take pride in my craftsmanship.

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