This bracelet is more than just a piece of jewelry; it is a moving work of art. It is heavy in a way that makes it feel as though it was meant to be on your wrist all along. The movement of the bracelet is slinky as it slides up and down your arm. Every movement creates a cascading effect of the drops in a wave pattern, rhythmic and full of life, and the twinkling of the drops as they move is akin to stardust.

This exquisitely crafted piece is made by individually weaving each solid silver ring into a base that looks and feels like silver cloth, then attaching each solid sterling silver drop individually to the base. This beautiful bracelet is a labor of love, crafted with art and fashion in mind. Each one is unique, and bound to bring joy to the owner.

Materials: Sterling Silver 925

All of my items are handcrafted. Please take pleasure in my products as I take pride in my craftsmanship.

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